Lithuanian Junior Champion, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian Champion

2013 m. Lithuanian Retriever club show BIS-1 Veteran, BIS/2 veteran

Female 20, January 2004–18th June, 2018

breeder Vilhelmas Samuitis
HD A, ED 0, eyes clear 12th, May 2011

Pedigree in k9 DB

Judges opinions about Gelma:

“I love her type. She is one of the old fashioned type. Nice overall line…. Carrying too much weight. Excellent bone and feet. Strong level topline. Moves as a dream. Love her to bits!” – judge Jim Richardson in 2014.

“Excellent type, solid bitch, but still feminine, nice head and expression, a little loose throat skin, good neck and shoulders, strong topline, good bones, moves with very good drive, very good coat condition” – teisėjas Eivind Mjaerum, Norvegija.

“Beautiful presented bitch, sweet head and expression, in lovely coat and muscull. condition, well balanced front and rear angulations, short coupled, well off for bones, moves super with reach and drive, with lovely tail  and head carriage, perfectly handled.” – teisėja Lynn Kipps, Didžioji Britanija.

“Good head, excellent neck, topline and tail-set. Enough angulated in front. Excellent body. Excellent angulations behind. Excellent bones and feet. Excellent movement. Well handled.” – teisėjas Filip Johnsson, Švedija.

“Bitch of good quality, excellent coat and condition, well handled, lovely head with sweet expression, good neck, correct front angulations, correct weight, strong and well constitution, moves correctly, lovely temperament.” – teisėja Glennis Hewitson, Didžioji Britanija.

“Feminine bitch with lovely head, very good expression, good reach of neck and topline, excellent angulations, body, excellent movement, good size and coat, very good proportioned, quality bitch” – teisėja Anne Liland, Norvegija.