Dear Friends,
Lithuanians have a legend: animals speak in human voice at the late Christmas Evening. People can’t hear what they talk, but we are sure our dogs will say a lot of good things about us and for us – their owners.

We wish You all the best at that miracle time.
We wish You Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lina, Dovile and Renaldas  

20-12-2008, Vilnius, International show  “Viniaus Winter-08”
Judge Milivoje UROŠEVIČ, Serbia

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 Working class, CAC, Best Bitch/2, ResCACIB

21-12-2008, Vilnius, International show “Christmas Cup-08”
Judge Zvi Kupferberg, Israel

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 Working class, CAC

14-12-2008, Riga, VIII group show
Judge Stelios Makaritis, Greece

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 Working class, Best Bitch/3

16-11-2008, Riga, International Dog Show “Zooekspo 2008”
Judge Anna Bogucka, Poland

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 Intermediate class, CAC, CACIB
Best Bitch (BOOBest of Opposite)

“Feminine, very stylish, very nice head, expression, elegant neck, perfect body and angulations, moves very well, excellent groomed and handled.”

19-10-2008, Šiauliai, All Breeds Show
Judge Olga Kozevhikova, Belarus

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 Working class, CAC

11-10-2008, Vilnius, International Show
Judge Vilmos Kardos, Hungary

Bora Balta Letena – ResCACIB, Best Female/2, excellent/2 Intermediate class

Dovilė – 5th place in her age group of the Junior Handlers Competition
Judge of Junior Handlers Competition Zeljka Fon Zidar, Slovenia

12-10-2008, Vilnius, International Show
Judge Deniz Kuzelj, Slovenia

Bora Balta Letena – excellent/2 Intermediate class

6-09-2008, Retrievers Field Trial
Arbiter Vytautas TAMOŠIŪNAS,
Judges: Tatjana CIRKINA, Valdas LAKNERIS, Egidijus SAKALAUSKAS

BALT JCH Bora Balta Letena
The BEST of novices, the 2nd prize and Working Diploma!

Bora took very difficult 7 hours examination. She did all 9 tasks in field and in water very well (marking and other, apports were pheasants, ducks and hares). The circumstances were extreme: very hot weather, the temperature was about 28°.

Bora got 128 points from 140. She was the best of novices, won the 2nd prize and got working certificate of the 2nd degree with the right to participate in shows working class.

There were 9 participants in the trial and only one golden retriever – Bora.

Bora is the first golden retriever of Lithuanian Retriever Club (and maybe in all country), who got working certificate in Lithuania, who took very strict Hunters organization’s examination.

Bora is thankful for her father Voitto: Bora got hunting instinct from him.

23-08-2008, Vilnius, All Breeds Show
Judge of retrievers and group Monika Cyperling, Poland
Best in Show judge Galina Zhuk, Belarus

BALT JCH  Bora Balta Letena – Open class excellent/1, CAC, W, BOB, BIG/1

many thanks to judge Mrs Monika Cyperling for very nice Bora’s  description.

2-08-2008, Vilnius, International show Baltic Winner 2008
Judge Luis Pinto TEXEIRA, Portugal

Bora Balta Letena –
Intermediate class excellent/1,  CAC , res CACIB!

3-08-2008, Vilnius, Retriever Club Show
Judge Eivind MJÆRUM, Norway
Bora Balta Letena
– Intermediate class excellent/3

Gelma Vanilė –
Open class excellent/3

1-08-2008, Tallinn, International Show “Estonian Winner-2008”
Judge Deniz Kuzelj, Slovenia

Bora Balta Letena – EST JW- 2008, qualification for Crufts-2009, Best Bitch/4

Bora becomes LT, LV, EST and BALT Junior Champion.

31-05-2008, Tallinn, Show for Golden Retrievers

Judge Heather Morris, England
Bora Balta Letena – excellent/2 in the Junior class (there were 19 bitches in that class)

25-05-2008, Palanga, All Breeds Show
Gelma Vanilė – BEST in Show/5, judge Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

Gelma Vanilė – BEST in Group,
judge Audronė Babianskienė, Lithuania

Judge of golden retrievers Audronė Babianskienė, Lithuania

Gelma Vanilė
– excellent/1, CAC in the strong Open class, Best Bitch (BOS) and (BOB)!

Bora Balta Letena
– excellent/1, Junior Winner!

Burta Balta Letena
– excellent/5 in Open class of bitches

Bingo Balta Letena
– excellent/2 in Open class of dogs

Dovile – the 1th place in her age group of Junior Handlers Competition, BIS handler/2  
Judge of Junior Handlers Competition Beruta Simėnienė, Lithuania

24-05-2008, Plungė, All Breeds Show
Judge Jūratė Sinkevičienė, Lithuania

 Gelma Vanilė  – excellent/1, CAC in the strong Open class, Best Bitch (BOS)

Dovile won the 4th place in the Junior Handlers Competition
judge  Liliann Hanniste, Estonia

17-05-2008, Alytus, All Breeds Show
Gelma becomes Lithuanian, Latvian Champion!!!

Judge Aurelija Tunkuliene, Lithuania
Gelma Vanile – excellent/1, CAC in the strong Open class, Best Bitch (BOS)

Dovile won the 4th place in the Junior Handlers Competition
judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania


10-05-2008, All Breeds Show, Plock, Poland
Judge Jan Roger Sauge, Norway

Bora Balta Letena became Junior Winner and Junior Best of Breed!
What a lovely bitch! a little heavy in head. Beautiful neck, front and bone.
Level topline, good hindquarters. Moves with drive, lovely coat, well presented!

10-05-2008, Retrievers Club Show, Plock, Poland
Judge Per Iversen, Norway

Bora Balta Letena
was excellent/2 in the Junior class  

5-05-2008, The best news!
Bora’s HD (hips dysplasia) and ED (elbows dysplasia) examination was performed

Bora’s results: HD A/A, ED 0/0!  

20-04-2008, Riga, Speciality Show for Retrievers
Judge Rajko Rotner, Slovenia

Bora Balta Letena
– Junior Winner of Latvian Labrador Retriever Club 
Best Bitch (BOO-Best of Opposite) and Latvian Club Winner!

Gelma Vanilė
won a strong Open class (excellent/1), became 3th Best Bitch
and got LV CAC !

19-04-2008, Riga, Speciality show for VIII FCI group
Bora  became Latvian Junior Champion!

Judge Ligita Zake, Latvia
Bora Balta Letena – excellent/1 in Junior class, Junior Winner, the 3th Best Bitch

Gelma Vanilė – excellent/3 in a strong Open class

19-03-2008, Spring  
Photos in Gallery >

16-03-2008, Vilnius, International Show “Vilnius Cup 2008”
Judge Hans v.d. Berg, Netherlands

Bora Balta letena
– excellent/1 in Junior class, Junior Winner
Gelma Vanilė – excellent/2 in the strong Open class  

15-03-2008, Vilnius, International Show  “Lithuanian Winner 2008”
Judge Paul Stanton, Sweden

Bora Balta letena – excellent/3 in the Junior class

19-01-2008 (Saturday) and 20-01-2008 (Sunday), “Kaunas Winter 2008”

Sunday, finals of Best in Show, Bora – JBIS/4
Judge Natalija Nekrošienė, Lithuania

Bora Balta Letena becomes BIS 4 from about 100 best juniors of different breeds!

Saturday, Bora becomes Lithuanian Junior Champion!
Judge Zofija Konderla, Poland

Gelma Vanile – excellent/3 in the stong Open class.
Bora Balta Letena – Junior Winner in the strong Junior class of bitches, Junior BOB

Judge Elsbeth Clerc, Switzerland

Bora  –  Junior Best in Show from about 30 different breeds juniors!



Happy Birthday to Gelma and Voitto’s children (more about litter >)
Gelma Vanilė  x  NordJW-05, FIN, RUS CH Voyage du Bois de la Rayère !