History of Balta Letena

Skipė, Gelma, Bora, summer of 2008

Skipė (Nenuoramos Arica) was the first our dog. This golden girl came to our home  in the middle of summer 2002.

Skipe wasn’t a show dog. She was only our friend, a curious and agile golden. Living with her we learnt so much and understood how strongly sympathetic, tender and irreplaceable the dog could be.

Gelma (Gelma Vanile) was a calm, reserved and obedient golden. She was Dovilė’s true friend: together they attended Junior Handlers School, took part in Junior Handlers competitions.

Gelma Vanile was the first our dog with a champion title and the foundation bitch of our kennel.

Gelma, 2006
Bora, autumn of 2008

Bora (Bora Balta Letena) was a “child” of our kennel. She was a nice and sweet girl from the first our kennel litter (Gelma Vanile X Voyage du Bois de la Rayère).

Bora brought to our life lots of remarkable moments.

Bora became Inter Champion (C.I.B and C.I.E), Baltic Junior Champion, Baltic, Finnish, Russian, Belarus and Poland Champion.

Bora was the first golden retriever of our country, who got working certificate in Lithuania, who took a very strict exam of Lithuanian Hunters Organization.
Lithuanian Cynological Society announced

Bora was the most empathic, the sweetest and the most beloved dog in our family.  It was a huge pain to lose Bora at her 8,5 years old because of a cancer.

Dovilė and Bora, 2010
3 generations: Gelma, Rumba, Bora in autumn of 2012

Balta Letena Today

Rumba (Miss Rumba Balta Letena) is the only one Bora’s daughter from her 2 litters, a sister of her thirteen brothers. There are a lot of famous ancestries in Rumba’s pedigree, many of them made a great influence on the breed development.

There are three other our goldens today: Puma (Nenuoramos Oasis), Coco (Saga Balta Letena) and the youngest female Ria (Eik Sniegui Tirpstant Balta Letena). We hope they have a bright future.

Certainly, the dogs oblige us: we try not to linger after work, we go for a walk in any weather, even nasty or cold, we bathe and brush them. There are concerns, but all of them wear down compared with the good emotions, which our goldens’ quietness, dignity and liveliness give us. It is so lovely to touch their fluffy fur, feel their head gently placed on the lap, look into calm and clever eyes. Our retrievers live in house with us, they are treated as family members.

Coco, Puma and Rumba, 2019
Gelma, Skipė, Bora in 2009

We have named our kennel Balta Letena (FCI registered, FCI No 133/07).
“Balta letena” is the white paw. “Balta” is a symbol of everything good, clear and optimistic. 

The first litter of our kennel was born on 8 of January, 2007:
puppies of LT JCH, LT, LV, RUS CH Gelma Vanilė and NordJW-05, FIN, RUS CH Voyage du Bois de la Rayère. We seek that our kennel puppies would be healthy and golden by nature.

We hope some of them will become show winners, champions, but the most important thing for us is that everyone, with a title or without it, is loved.